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Product Ideation Suite

Capture customer feedback *

The BigAgile Idea Box helps you manage all of your customer requests in one organised place. Feedback can be submitted through a variety of channels: email, Salesforce (and other CRMs), Web Browsers and support chats, so you sales and support teams can deliver every request direct to your Product team.

Prioritise Work

BigAgile offers a number of prioritisation wizards to help you quickly prioritise your customer ideas and user needs so you know exactly what to build next. You can even create your own weight prioritisation framework.

Roadmap Features *

BigAgile offers multiple roadmap views of your product. You can track forecasted feature delivery dates and visualise a GO (goal-orientated) roadmap that shifts the conversation from debating features to agreeing on strategic objectives, and making smart investment decisions. As always, everything is exportable to url, png and csv.


Real-time Delivery Planning & Tracking

Dependency and Risk Management

BigAgile maps your dependencies to provide a visual representation of where your bottlenecks and risks lie. Whenever there is a problem, BigAgile will bring it to your attention immediately so you can address it right away.

Milestone Tracking

Milestones are an integral part of any project and tracking the deliverables that relate to them is imperative. BigAgile records your drop dead dates and allows you to view any associated work items with their individual RAG status to give you confidence that your delivery remains on track.

Deployment and Release Governance *

Our interactive programme and portfolio Kanban coupled with BigAgile’s Deployment Intelligence tool gives you visibility all the way from ideation through to release – so you know what is being developed, what is in the hands of you customer and what’s up next.

Advanced Reporting capability

Team Analytics

BigAgile pulls all of your team’s data into one place and shows you what you really care about. Check how much time your teams are spending on strategic goals versus keeping the lights on. Check quality across teams with bug and defect tracking and see development cycle time of stories and features.

Real-time Dashboards

You’re only as good as the information you have. BigAgile consolidates data in real-time across programmes and portfolios to give you visibility into the business impact of your product and development teams. Our project and portfolio dashboards give you an instant view of how your investments are doing and can be calibrated to get the information you need, in your context.

Value Stream Management *

The BigAgile portfolio dashboard shows you on one page what teams and projects are sitting within each of your value streams. Compare your budgets, capacity, load and lead times at each stage of your product pipeline. With a quick glance you can ascertain where the delays are and prioritise improvements.


* currently in development

Compete effectively in a Digital World


Act on live data, not guesswork so you know exactly where you are at.


API connected; consolidating data from your multiple tools.


Customize to how you work; change your delivery model when needed.


Subscription based licensing model with seamless upgrades.


Access your data from anywhere, anytime, on any device


Enterprise-level cloud security and encryption, harnessing the AWS platform


Regular releases, with an exciting feature roadmap


Responsive support, guidance and training

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