The solution
for Agile at scale

BigAgile is a complete solution for Agile organisations to plan, track and manage their product and portfolio delivery in a central place. Manage cross-team dependencies and risks, track progress against milestones and OKRs, forecast a product roadmap ... and much, much more.

Integration with JIRA and Azure DevOps

BigAgile seamlessly integrates with all your JIRA and/or ADO instances (cloud or on-premise)
and provides all the functionality you need to manage the full product delivery pipeline in a central place.


Integrate with all of your
JIRA and/or Azure Devops instances,
whether they are SaaS or on-premise


Near-instant setup with
no additional configuration
required out of the box.


Two-way, realtime sync using
Webhooks and REST APIs

A complete solution
from Ideation to Reporting

  • Innovation
  • Planning
  • Delivery
  • Reporting
  • Portfolio
Ideation Kanban

A visual representation of your product workflow helping you manage your entire product pipeline from initial inception, through to final delivery and release.

Central Feature Store

Everything about your product features in a single place. Owners, business benefits, attachments, and more. Link deliverables to OKRs that dovetail with the overall product vision, record risks and issues, and provide clarity around acceptance criteria

Flexible Prioritisation

Prioritise your features backlog in a variety of ways, including WSJF, so you can deliver the right value at the right time.

Product Roadmap

A visual 10,000 ft view of the product, aggregating all of your product data to provide a forecast of when new functionality will land – even before any development has started.


Everything is exportable so you can create bespoke reports and track progress in real-time; giving stakeholders the visibility they need to make crucial decisions.

Flexible Delivery Model

BigAgile can help you whether you follow a framework (SAFe, Scrum @ Scale, etc.) or not. You define your own increments, how long they are, which teams are in them, and so on.


Carry out all your planning prep work ahead of time. Take your ideas through Analysis, decide which ones end up on the backlog, and choose your candidate features and decide their priority before planning sessions as early or as late  as you like.

Team Planning

Each team can plan in isolation, collaborating with others about dependencies as needed. Teams able to plan remotely or in person, taking Features from the backlog, breaking them down into Stories, estimating effort, identifying dependencies, filling up Sprints, and so on.

Increment (Big Room) Planning

A central, overall planning view of Features and Dependencies updated in real-time whilst teams plan

Jira/Azure DevOps integration

Teams have complete ownership on when the outputs of planning are sent to Jira or Azure DevOps.

Real-time view

A real-time status of each feature in your delivery plan, using the data from your teams in Jira or Azure DevOps.

Now you can know which key business deliverables are on track, which are at risk and the percentage completion of each feature.

Progress against Milestones

Fixed-date milestones are a reality of life and successful delivery against them requires visibility. BigAgile allows you to track the individual features and their related dependencies for each milestone in real-time; ensuring you never miss a delivery

RAG Status tracking

Exportable tables for you to use in reports with real-time RAG and delivery status of each individual feature and dependency across your programme.

Compare actual to planned

BigAgile allows you to compare your current, actual delivery status to your originally committed plan.


Multiple dashboards, reports and tracking tools to provide in-depth analytics on your pipeline at every level: Team, Programme and Portfolio

Real-time and Centralised

Collating your programme reports has never been easier; all reports and dashboard in real-time so there is no need to rely on submissions, all the info is already there.


BigAgile allows unlimited users because we believe everyone should have access to the data, reports and dashboard they need.


Everything is exportable so you can create bespoke reports and track progress in real-time; giving stakeholders the visibility they need to make crucial decisions.

Value Stream reports

Visualise performance across the entirety of your value stream, whether it is delivered by one Release Train or multiple. Understand your efficiency and predictability as well as the efficacy of your planning. Real-time data allows you to make better decisions, at the right time.

Portfolio Roadmaps

A visual representation of your whole portfolio, aggregating all of your data across all of your products enabling you to forecast the delivery of business value.

Track against OKRs

Define your OKRs and map the Features delivering the value so that you can easily track progress in real-time