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Are you still bringing a knife to a gun fight?

The 16th Annual State of Agile Report was published recently. The report looks at, amongst other areas, which tools and technologies are trending in Agile organisations. It is baffling to see that so many organisations are still using tools designed for completely different jobs.

Atlassian Jira is the most popular. Fair enough, we get that. At the team level, Jira is ok. However, as soon as you have more than 2 teams, trying to use Jira for your product, programme and portfolio purposes is a royal pain.

Whiteboarding tools are awesome in this remote-working age ... but are they the best tools for planning your quarters/increments/PIs?

The 3rd most popular tool ... Excel! Seriously?

"Square peg, round hole" comes to mind.

Look, we understand most tools fall short when you need to do anything around programmes, portfolios and products. As a result, many organisations end up with multiple stand-alone tools to track product, portfolio and delivery data which leads to lack of visibility and onerous, manual reporting.

What if we told you that you could have one tool that does all this, needs pretty much no setup and is easy to use?

Get in touch today for a demo (and please stop using Excel!)


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