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From portfolio to team, BigAgile hosts a full suite of delivery tools to track and manage the health of your products, programmes and projects. 

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Real-time delivery tracking

Visualise the progress and RAG status of all your work, in real-time. Seamless integration with your team tooling.
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Manage dependencies

Track dependencies across teams, programmes and value streams. Manage the bottlenecks with Real-time RAG status updates.

Progress against milestones

Overlay key dates on your plans and understand the status of work being delivered for specific milestones.

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Milestone Health
Upcoming Milestones
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Comprehensive dashboards & reports

Comprehensive dashboards and reports eliminating the need for time-consuming manual reporting.

Customers love BigAgile

“BigAgile consolidates all of our product delivery data in one place – it helps us make better strategic decisions, and it’s improved our ability to deliver on our KPIs.”

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Jo French
COO Benchmark Capital (Schroders)

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