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Bigagile product overview


Build and prioritise your product backlog, from ideation to delivery. Agile roadmaps automatically generated for you based on real data. Track delivery accurately in real-time.

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Backlog management

Build, view, and manage your product backlog hierarchy
Initiative List
Feature List
Feature Sort
Screenshot 2023-12-04 145910.png
Product Kanban Sorts
Screenshot 2023-12-04 145937.png


Prioritise your backlog using a number of frameworks (HML, WSJF, Rank, etc.)


Manage your product pipeline alongside your delivery, helping your product teams visualise the end-to-end product journey.

Kanban Drag and Drop
Product Kanban Tasks
Value Stream Dashboard
Initiative Timeline
Screenshot 2023-12-04 145742.png


Roadmaps provided for you at every level of your backlog hierarchy.

Track progress

Get an instant view of status and progress, for each item on your backlog and overall.
Feature Tooltip
Planned V Delivered.gif
Feature Progression
BigAgile Detailed View

Customers love BigAgile

“BigAgile consolidates all of our product delivery data in one place – it helps us make better strategic decisions, and it’s improved our ability to deliver on our KPIs.”

Jo our client image

Jo French
COO Benchmark Capital (Schroders)

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