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BigAgile vs Jira

So you’ve got Jira or AzureDevOps (or any other team tooling solution).

Why on earth would you need BigAgile?

Turns out, there are quite a few key elements of delivery that BigAgile can help you with over and above what can be done with a team tooling solution. All the below core BigAgile functionality is either impossible to do, requires significant manual workarounds, or a number of expensive plugins in Jira

Single, holistic view of entire programme delivery in one screen

Shows RAG status of features based on when they were planned to be released vs when they will actually be released

Shows completeness of features as a percentage based on stories or story points

Shows dependencies between features, dependencies between stories and features, and dependencies to milestones

Tracks Milestones and linked features and dependencies. Able to view status of all Milestones work items in single view

Shows you difference between original plan and current status and your predicted completion sprints

Work can quickly be filtered by product, project or team

Shows objectives to measure outcomes, not just outputs and these can be synced to Features

Integrated Risk management capabilities

Unlimited users

Summarises the programme in real-time so leadership do not need reports created … no powerpoint creation needed!

Shows a burn-up chart of total programme scope vs progress against this across multiple teams and multiple sprints

Product roadmap based on current capacity to forecast realistic delivery dates. Can forecast multiple quarters based on actual work delivered.

Integrated prioritisation – can prioritise the feature roadmap in the tool without requiring excel. For example WSJF, MosCow, etc

A single view of features and their status for all teams in the programme. Can be filtered by Programme, Team, Product, Status

Anyone in the organisation can create Features, without needing a Jira license (allows for live backlogs)

Provides an overview of the portfolio: number of programmes, number of teams, number of features … with MI on each.

Shows cycle time of features across all stages of the product pipeline

Shows WIP and context switching at the programme level

Snapshot of feature progression for each feature:

  • percentage to do

  • percentage in progress

  • percentage done

Shows and highlights scope creep across the programme

  • by feature

  • by team

  • by product

Calculates and displays flow metrics across the programme:

  • Flow Load (WIP by issue type)

  • Flow Distribution (percentage of work per month by issue type)

  • Flow time (Time to close by issue type)

  • Flow Velocity (number of issue types completed over a particular time)

Tracks progress of features against the organisational OKRs

True hierarchy beyond the team levels

Single view across multiple instances of Jira (on prem and cloud) and Azure Devops to aggregate the delivery view into one

Can see snapshots of the programme data for each historical quarter

We’re not saying BigAgile will change your life … but it will definitely make it a whole lot easier!

Get in touch … allow us to show you.


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